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Here’s what some of our Overland Park, KS customers are saying about us:

  • Now you see it-now you DON'T. My front passenger door ran into the side of the garage all by itself. I am sure Todd used magic to not only take out the dent but then I could not even find where the dent had been! Checked out the car to be sure it was mine. Then the amount he charged me was a pittance compared to the way I felt about how my NEW car looked. Was so impressed I took my grandson's car to the Dent And Detail clinic. Someone did a hit and run into the rear bumper of his car and left a HUGE dent that was very unsightly. Todd grabbed this huge plumber's helper and 'plunged' this huge dent out. Magic again. The two small dents that required a body shop to remove are barely visible now. The cost was the lowest you can imagine. From now on any question I have about body work (car) will go to Dent and Detail Clinic. Try the magic. 913-677-6767.

    Sharon McBride Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

    Todd was very knowledgeable, honest, and fair. Thanks for the help!

    Evan Duede Google Review

    Danny and Todd are amazing. I went in for a bid on what looked like a serious dent to me and left not much later with a completed repair that was better than I imagined for a price that was way less than expected.

    Loring Leifer Google Review

    5 Stars!

    Shaun I Google Review

    I drove in expecting an expensive repair od rear quarter panel damage resulting from an encounter between my minivan and our garage door frame. The was a dent, a missing trim panel but no paint damage. Immediately Todd, the owner, used a suction tool to remove the dent and later reattached the trim panel. I was so relieved to have it repaired so quickly, easily and inexpensively! I can't express what a great experience it was. Super service!

    Jim Cook Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review
  • I have a 2014 Kia Sorento white. My daughter had borrowed my car for eight months while I was recovering from an illness. She has two children 8 & 9. You can imagine what the car looked like after eight months of no cleaning or washing. She also has two dogs and a cat. Well, the car was a mess. I took it to dent and detail and I can tell you it came back looking and smelling like a brand new car. When we drove up the white car was so sparkly that we had to shade our eyes. The inside was so polished and slick (slippery). Can't believe what they did to the tires. I tell you it was cleaner than it was at brand new. I will definetly be going back and referring them to all my friends. It's do nice o dive a clean car again. Thank you so much. Worth the money I paid.

    Dale Noll Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

    My Camry looks like new. I had a lot of groundin oil on the carpet and just plain dirty. This car looks and smells like NEW. They did an excellent job and am very pleased.

    Bev Speckman Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

    We in at lunchtime hoping to get an estimate and make an appointment. Gentleman gets up from his lunch, comes out to look at damage. 10 minutes later I am on my way. No charge. These folks just got a lifetime customer. Now that is what I call outstanding customer service! Great people

    Dan Henry Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

    Went in to get an estimate to touch up paint where someone had tried to break in to my wife's car. He looked at it, went and got a polishing cloth with some Magic Potion fluid on it, and literally wiped away what appeared to be serious damage in just a few seconds! Best $10.00 I've spent in a long time.

    Steve Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

    Read all the reviews. Sounded to good to be true. Took my wife's 2004 Cadillac CTS that she banged up backing out of the garage. Pulled into the business, dude comes out and takes a look. Calls for Todd. Todd comes out and pulls out a space age plunger and bada bing bada boom. Dent is gone. Lady they called "Trace" jumps out of a pickup in the shop with a hammer from the Shawshank Redemption and taps out the rest of the damage. In and out with a handshake in 15 minutes. Estimate from Randy Curnow GMC $1,800.00 to fix. Can't beat these guys with a stick. Luv em. Thanks Guys!

    Larry Daniels Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review
  • I'm a fan! Took my car in for what I thought would be an estimate to fix a dent in my bumper. They asked if I could wait & while I did they worked to pop out the dent. I would've happily for their time & effort but they said don't worry about it. I hope we don't have any more mishaps but if so, I'll be a return customer.

    Jana Thomas Google Review

    anny helped me out in a time of need and I can't thank him enough. Great customer service, and even better prices. Just make sure he writes your phone number down to call you back!

    Thomas Belt Google Review

    They aren't the most expensive, but they are reasonably the best.. they won't charge you a cent extra but make the dent go away as it never existed.. Danny is the Man!!!

    Mrinal Meister Google Review

    They did a great job on my car, and even adjusted the final price down for me - out of the kindness of their hearts. Good people. Good work.

    Natalie Amalani Google Review

    I discovered this place by accident. Boy, was I lucky! They gave my car a complete detail at a reasonable price and it looked like a new car inside and out. They even got a big rust stain out of the carpet and removed rust from the console. They noticed that there was a large dent in the bumper and said they could take care of it for me if I would bring it back. I took it in today and they fixed the dent and cleaned a spot on the headliner where I had something mounted. They surprised me again by saying, 'No charge. Have a nice day.' I can't recommend them enough. Not only are they professional but vey nice people--everyone of them!

    Shirley Barr Google Review

    Todd took exceptional care of my car and gave me a more than reasonable price. It's rare to find a shop that you don't feel like you're being taken for a ride and they'd be the first place I'd recommend to anyone in need of car repair or detailing.

    Ben Heisler Google Review

    Danny Williams exemplifies customer service. He took great care of us and the fee was very reasonable. I highly recommend Dent and Detail Clinic.

    Brian Marrello Google Review

    Met with Danny for some minor work from a deep scratch and a bumper blend. The finished product is unbelievable! The quality of work that these guys do with detailing alone is incredible! I highly recommend Danny and his crew for all your needs on detailing and minor collission work!

    Gerardo Garcia Google Review

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