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Here’s what some of our Overland Park, KS customers are saying about us:

I had a dent on one side of the car and some scuff marks on the other. I took it in there not knowing what to expect. What a tremendous decision. Todd used a suction cup on the dent and took it right out. He also buffed out the scuff marks. You wouldn't even know they were there. Furthermore, he didn't even charge me. I was truly impressed. Quality work and great guys. Hopefully, I won't need a repair shop again, but if I do, I know where I'm going!

Ed Lewis Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

Always soo helpful . Thank you for checking my car at a last minute and giving me best and least expensive option

Mamata Sapkota Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

I was helped by a man who used manners and who was respectful. I was given a price on Tuesday and when I went back Wednesday for the repairs the price was the same, no added extras. The job was done in the amount of time they said and it was a fantastic job. No sighs of ever having damage. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs repairs on their car. Love this place!

Yvonne Rocha Google Review

I recently was in a fender binder! I was freaking out. I came to The Dent and Detail Clinic and Tod worked his magic!! I’m so grateful for his hard work. You can’t even tell! So happy!! If you find yourself in a similar situation.... Definitely come here to get your body work done!

Ashley Heard Google Review

Highly recommend Todd and his team! I took my daughters car to see if the fender could be popped out or if the whole thing had to be replaced, which she could not afford... Within 30 second of pulling in (without even an appointment!), they were heating the fender and popped it right out. It's not perfect, but if and when she saves enough money to replace the fender, his quote to replace was much less than others I had received. With four teenage drivers in the family, this will not be our last fender bender - Dent and Detail Clinic will be the first place we go!

Amy B. Yelp Review

Very thankful I reached out to Todd. Excellent customer care.

Mellissa Allen Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

A huge dent in my rear fender and Todd, the owner, removed it in a few minutes with no charge. Also gave me a very reasonable estimate for sanding and painting the bumper when I asked about it. What a great guy to deal with. Many, many Thanks.

John Pawsatt Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

We took our car in for an estimate for a front bumper fix from a teenage sons fender bender and before he barely had our name, he and his employees fixed it and buffed out several other dings and scraps too. Said not to worry about it as we all have kids who have had an accident. You don't find locally owned businesses like this much anymore! I would highly recommend Todd and his team!

Glen Edwards Google Review

Wow! Amazing detail job . My car was a total skankosaurus inside and out and they cleaned it up like I never thought possible. Also got rid of a lot of nasty pine sap on my car. I am amazed. Highly recommend!

Zack Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

Fantastic! Todd is amazing! I drove in with a fender scrape and left 20 minutes later with a car that looked like new.

Norma Rooney Google Review

Maybe one of the most honest and helpful body shops I've ever been to. They will do thier best to make everything work for you. They easily worked around my work schedule to fit me in and get my car fixed in a timely manner. The quote here was less than a third of what two other shops offered.

Josh Perlinger Google Review

I am so impressed with this business! I came to get a quote on my van (was keyed) and without hesitation they started working on seeing if they could get the scratches out. They were able to buff out a majority of the scratches and it looks great! They wouldn't let me pay them and just did this out of the goodness of their hearts. You don't find businesses like this anymore. They turned my bad day into a great day. Everyone I came across during my short time there was friendly, courteous and professional. I would highly recommend The Dent and Detail Clinic. I know they made me a customer for life!

Kristin James Google Review

This is the place to go if you want repairs done efficiently. They are cost-effective and time-conscious. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and made my experience great. Highly recommend!

Kristina Hammerquist Google Review

It just doesn't get any better than this. Todd and his staff make you feel like you are dealing with someone in very small town. They treat you like family. Incredibly honest and good at what they do!

Eric Willett Google Review

Todd is a stand up guy and great to work with, I'd recommend this place for any paint repair or detailing work you need.

Kyle Hugueley Google Review

Stopped by today for an estimate on correcting a damaged clear coat due to using abrasive toothpaste to buff out some scuffs. (P.S. Don't use yourself some headache and just go directly to Dent & Detail) Not only were they helpful, they pulled my car out front and fixed it right then and there. Will be using them again in the future if needed!

Celina Kincaid Google Review

My daughter from Minnesota had a little fender bender in Mission, KS. She went here to see if they could help. Since the accident had happened just a few minutes ago, they heated it up and popped out the dent. They didn't even charge my daughter for that! It makes a Dad happy that such great people can help her out when I am 6 hours away. Thank you so much!

Bruce Ekholm Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

I came in right after a fender bender and they were able to fix it in 5 minutes! I would recommend them to everyone.

Britta Ekholm Google Review

Fantastic customer service!! From the moment I pulled in to the minute I left, Todd was AMAZING! He buffed out the scratches and even took the time to educate me on what he was doing and why. I will be taking my husband's car up to him to see what he can do on his. Highly recommend them and will be spreading the word to all my family and friends!

Meaghan Kuhlmann Google Review

5 Stars!

David Shelow Jr Google Review

I would highly recommend this place to friends and family. They take great pride in their work and they have great customer service!!!!

Cathy Polus Google Review

So happy with how my car turned out! The entire bumper was refurbished and painted to repair quite a few scratches, and it looks brand new. Thank you for being so great!

Sara Olson Google Review

Excellent customer service!! I took my Jeep in to have them look and give me an estimate on repairing a dent in the passenger door frame. Todd was very helpful explaining what they could do and got my vehicle right in and Justin was amazing and removed the dent and I was on my way!! A very nice experience!!

Julie Guffey Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

My experience with Todd Huffman and the Dent and Detail Clinic has been phenomenal. Not only did they do fantastic work, they consistently displayed a tremendous level of professionalism and caring that went above and beyond my expectations. I've always felt like I was in great hands when dropping my car off with Todd. From the first time I met him, I walked away saying to myself, "That's a good man, I'm glad I met him". I will definitely do business with him again!

Brian Espy Google Review

I can't say enough on how wonderful a paint touch-up was done on my Rio. The car looked brand New! I would highly recommend my family and friends to go have their work done there.

Marilyn Kessler Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

I had some small cosmetic damage on my 328i trunk lid, Danny got me in and out without any problems. If you're looking for a small business to support that has a fair price matched with excellent customer service, I highly recommend the Dent and Detail Clinic!

Darnell Culbreath Google Review

Shot me a fair and straight forward price on fixing a scratch and dent, didn’t feel cheated.

Rudolph Bledsoe Google Review

Love these guys. Every time I bring my car in, they do a great job!

Joey Francis Google Review

Exceptional body shop, very honest, with outstanding pricing. Very professional with great customer service. Quick turn around, and thoroughly explained all work. And returned the car fully detailed. Will never use any other body shop.

Shannon Swartz Google Review

The guys are honest, fair and always do a good job. We have taken all of our vehicles there for work to be done and they do an excellent job each time. Highly recommend this place! A+

S Pedersen Google Review

They did a great job with the hail damage on my car and. Gave me a fair estimate and did exactly what they wrote down. They car looks brand new! They detailed my car once they fixed the hail damage. I'm very pleased with my experience here. My only suggestion for the office would be for the office person and workers to communicate better so when you check in about your car they have the status for you. The owner Todd, the office manager and office lady support staff were all friendly as well.

Cinemahill Google Review

These guys are great. I came in with a small scratch and some touch-up paint. They were able to buff out most of the scratch with some compound and applied the touch-up paint to the area that needed it very quickly and professionally. I was very impressed with the customer service and would come back for any future detail work for sure.

Kyle Treadway Google Review

Danny Williams provides quality you can trust and fair pricing. I couldn't recommend this place more.

Meghan Fuller Google Review

Scraped side of my car entering my garage, and following a friend's recommendation, I took it over for an estimate. Danny spent five minutes rubbing and buffing until the scrape became sufficiently invisible and refused any payment!

Murray Levin Google Review

Brought my car in for some minor paint work, I was told it would take 1.5-2 days to complete. They were able to complete it even quicker than that and their price quote was right on target! Very professional and timely.

Meredith Todd Google Review

Todd, and his staff were very detailed and thorough throughout the process of repairing my car. They communicated well with me throughout the entire process and left me not having to worry what was going on with my car. These guys are good. They are very capable and honest. Will definitely use them again. Best detail I've ever had.

Sunny State Google Review

Excellent customer service! I went in for an estimate and they helped me right on the spot and wouldn't accept any payment. I'm so glad I was referred to them and would definitely return in the future.

Kristin Warner Google Review

Now you see it-now you DON'T. My front passenger door ran into the side of the garage all by itself. I am sure Todd used magic to not only take out the dent but then I could not even find where the dent had been! Checked out the car to be sure it was mine. Then the amount he charged me was a pittance compared to the way I felt about how my NEW car looked. Was so impressed I took my grandson's car to the Dent And Detail clinic. Someone did a hit and run into the rear bumper of his car and left a HUGE dent that was very unsightly. Todd grabbed this huge plumber's helper and 'plunged' this huge dent out. Magic again. The two small dents that required a body shop to remove are barely visible now. The cost was the lowest you can imagine. From now on any question I have about body work (car) will go to Dent and Detail Clinic. Try the magic. 913-677-6767.

Sharon McBride Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

Todd was very knowledgeable, honest, and fair. Thanks for the help!

Evan Duede Google Review

Danny and Todd are amazing. I went in for a bid on what looked like a serious dent to me and left not much later with a completed repair that was better than I imagined for a price that was way less than expected.

Loring Leifer Google Review

5 Stars!

Shaun I Google Review

I drove in expecting an expensive repair od rear quarter panel damage resulting from an encounter between my minivan and our garage door frame. The was a dent, a missing trim panel but no paint damage. Immediately Todd, the owner, used a suction tool to remove the dent and later reattached the trim panel. I was so relieved to have it repaired so quickly, easily and inexpensively! I can't express what a great experience it was. Super service!

Jim Cook Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

I have a 2014 Kia Sorento white. My daughter had borrowed my car for eight months while I was recovering from an illness. She has two children 8 & 9. You can imagine what the car looked like after eight months of no cleaning or washing. She also has two dogs and a cat. Well, the car was a mess. I took it to dent and detail and I can tell you it came back looking and smelling like a brand new car. When we drove up the white car was so sparkly that we had to shade our eyes. The inside was so polished and slick (slippery). Can't believe what they did to the tires. I tell you it was cleaner than it was at brand new. I will definetly be going back and referring them to all my friends. It's do nice o dive a clean car again. Thank you so much. Worth the money I paid.

Dale Noll Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

My Camry looks like new. I had a lot of groundin oil on the carpet and just plain dirty. This car looks and smells like NEW. They did an excellent job and am very pleased.

Bev Speckman Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

We in at lunchtime hoping to get an estimate and make an appointment. Gentleman gets up from his lunch, comes out to look at damage. 10 minutes later I am on my way. No charge. These folks just got a lifetime customer. Now that is what I call outstanding customer service! Great people

Dan Henry Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

Went in to get an estimate to touch up paint where someone had tried to break in to my wife's car. He looked at it, went and got a polishing cloth with some Magic Potion fluid on it, and literally wiped away what appeared to be serious damage in just a few seconds! Best $10.00 I've spent in a long time.

Steve Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

Read all the reviews. Sounded to good to be true. Took my wife's 2004 Cadillac CTS that she banged up backing out of the garage. Pulled into the business, dude comes out and takes a look. Calls for Todd. Todd comes out and pulls out a space age plunger and bada bing bada boom. Dent is gone. Lady they called "Trace" jumps out of a pickup in the shop with a hammer from the Shawshank Redemption and taps out the rest of the damage. In and out with a handshake in 15 minutes. Estimate from Randy Curnow GMC $1,800.00 to fix. Can't beat these guys with a stick. Luv em. Thanks Guys!

Larry Daniels Dent & Detail Clinic Customer Review

I'm a fan! Took my car in for what I thought would be an estimate to fix a dent in my bumper. They asked if I could wait & while I did they worked to pop out the dent. I would've happily for their time & effort but they said don't worry about it. I hope we don't have any more mishaps but if so, I'll be a return customer.

Jana Thomas Google Review

anny helped me out in a time of need and I can't thank him enough. Great customer service, and even better prices. Just make sure he writes your phone number down to call you back!

Thomas Belt Google Review

They aren't the most expensive, but they are reasonably the best.. they won't charge you a cent extra but make the dent go away as it never existed.. Danny is the Man!!!

Mrinal Meister Google Review

They did a great job on my car, and even adjusted the final price down for me - out of the kindness of their hearts. Good people. Good work.

Natalie Amalani Google Review

I discovered this place by accident. Boy, was I lucky! They gave my car a complete detail at a reasonable price and it looked like a new car inside and out. They even got a big rust stain out of the carpet and removed rust from the console. They noticed that there was a large dent in the bumper and said they could take care of it for me if I would bring it back. I took it in today and they fixed the dent and cleaned a spot on the headliner where I had something mounted. They surprised me again by saying, 'No charge. Have a nice day.' I can't recommend them enough. Not only are they professional but vey nice people--everyone of them!

Shirley Barr Google Review

Todd took exceptional care of my car and gave me a more than reasonable price. It's rare to find a shop that you don't feel like you're being taken for a ride and they'd be the first place I'd recommend to anyone in need of car repair or detailing.

Ben Heisler Google Review

Danny Williams exemplifies customer service. He took great care of us and the fee was very reasonable. I highly recommend Dent and Detail Clinic.

Brian Marrello Google Review

Met with Danny for some minor work from a deep scratch and a bumper blend. The finished product is unbelievable! The quality of work that these guys do with detailing alone is incredible! I highly recommend Danny and his crew for all your needs on detailing and minor collission work!

Gerardo Garcia Google Review

I have taken both my Lexus and Jaguar - don't want to go anywhere else! Everyone is friendly and helpful. They go the extra mile to make sure I am satisfied with the work, and they saved me money. I will be returning.

M RR Google Review

Great experience,

I already used D&D Clinic twice with two different vehicles and they did an outstanding job on both. The second time was a big dent that included painting quarter panel and detail whole car, and turned out great. I will use them in the future.

Price was right, only took a little longer than promised to get it done.

Adrian E Google Review

I had a lot of hail damage on my car. The dents stood out on the black granite.

I shopped around some at different shops and decided to take my car to Dent and Detail Clinic. My car looks amazing. They even detailed the inside as a bonus. Great bunch of guys! Decent prices along with Friendly and great customer service.

Kelly Rukavina Google Review

Carstar estimated $1100 to fix my bumper. Told me it was ruined. Dent and Detail Clinic popped it out and polished it up. Looks brand new. Saved me a ton! Honest and straightforward. I want to bring my car back for a full detail just to thank them for their work.

Ross Newman Google Review

Excellent Customer Service and the prices were very reasonable and fair. I did the research and they gave me the best price for a fender bender and my car looks brand new. They also detailed my car and did an excellent job. I definitely will refer family and friends.

Carol Turner Google Review

I bought my car in to be detailed. They did an outstanding job, both interior and exterior. It looks like a brand new car again. Thanks!

Roger Hamilton Google Review

These guys kill the competition when it comes to price. The work is good and they stand by it. That is what impressed me. Nothing against KC Colors but these guys beat their price and the quality is top notch, they'll have your car looking like new again.

Bryan Ptacek Google Review

I accidentally scraped the back of my car and went to body shops to get repair estimates, but the lowest estimate I got was 1600.00. I then went to the Dent and Detail Clinic and got an estimate of 1000.00. With taxes included, the final bill was 1089.00 and the job done was superb. Later I took my car back to have some scratches around the door handle on the driver's side repaired, and when I went to the owner, Todd, to pay the bill, he gave it to me for free. Todd is super and so is the Dent and Detail Clinic. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Roger Kahn Google Review

Excellent work at a VERY reasonable price. I took my band new van (that my kid crunched the wheel well) in to see if they could fix it or if a new quarter panel was necessary. I already had an estimate from a big collision center and they wanted to replace EVERYTHING including the spare tire (kidding) at a total cost of over $2,800. Todd was able to repair the dent and fix everything like brand new. Best of all it was under $1,000. Hopefully there won't be a next time but if there is - this is the first and only place I'll go!

A Google User Google Review

I've compared prices at every body shop around and none come close to Dent and Detail. I've worked with Danny Williams on 3 or 4 dent repairs and the final product was always excellent! The service has always been fast efficient and courteous. They get all my business now!

Terry M. Yelp Review

I am 2 for 2 in having a great experience here. They fixed up my son's car a few years ago at a very reasonable price. Today I took my car in to see what it would take to get a dent out of my bumper. They had me pull up & while I waited, they were able to pop the dent out after spending a little time on it. I can still see a little mark where the dent was but I didn't expect it to look flawless. They probably spent 20 minutes on it & I would've happily paid for it but they declined to charge me. I'm a fan!

Jana T. Yelp Review

I took my car in for some minor body repair. My experience was not perfect but I will say these folks stand behind their work and their prices are very reasonable.

Barb P. Yelp Review

Great customer service!! I called the Dent and Detail Clinic today and asked about getting parts of my car buffed. I had gotten in a very minor car accident and my car had paint from the other car scratched onto it. They told me to come on in and they would take care of it. I was greeted when I drove in and they asked me to back my car up to the garage. They took a look at it and buffed the pain off within minutes. When asked how much I owe them they told me not to worry about it. My car looks as good as new!! They will always have me as a customer moving forward!!

Rob E. Yelp Review

I was referred to Dent & Detail Clinic from a patient's son. Words cannot describe Todd Huffman, the owner! He is truly an outstanding businessman and puts his customers first! Unable to get a small but sharp dent out of my passenger's right quarter panel of my 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche by pushing it out, it was recommended to send it to Todd's body shop. The estimate was half the price of Hendrick Chevrolet which is across the street. The work was to be done in 2-3 days; however I dropped my truck off on Monday, Decemer 28th, 2015 and surprisingly received a phone call the next day stating my truck was finished! I was very pleased by the work and especially the price! I would HIGHLY recommend this company to everyone!!

Misty L. Yelp Review

I went to three different auto body shops in the are.
One of them from Angie's List, rank it all up on the computer and gave me a quote of $1,100 saying he was pretty sure he could fix the dent rather than replace the lift gate.
The second shop was from my insurance provider. He too, rang it all up on the computer and gave me a quote of $1,500.
At Dent and Detail, Danny (the General Manger), looked that dent, open the lift gate, never went to his computer and said $700.
They had good review on Yelp and Google so I scheduled the repair.
He said it would be three days (mostly to let the paint dry).
When I picked the car up, I could not tell it had ever been dented.
Paid with a credit card and left, very happy.

About a week later, I noticed a tiny spot they had missed. No one else saw it until I pointed it out.
DandD offered to repair it, but it was so tiny I let it go.

About 10 days after that a serious flaw in the repair showed up. Like an etched design in the lift gate. The the paint started to peel.
The car is going back to be fixed July 13. I will update as necessary and may change the rating again.

I brought the car back. Manny told me the new flaw was the paint lifting, probably due to the extreme humidity. He would repair it and buy a heavy duty sealer to prevent it from happening again.

When I picked the car up, the re repair was excellent. We will wait and see in 2-3 weeks if any damage comes back.
While, of course, there was no additional charge, my concern was, why this was not done in the first place.

However, if it holds, for the difference it cost, it is was worth it.

It has been two weeks since the re-repair and everything on the car is fine.
I will only update this review should there be a change.
Responsiveness and Professionalism only got a B because the job needed to be redone.

Glenn A. Yelp Review

Awesome place! I brought my truck in for a detail and Danny, the General Manager noticed some scratches down to the metal on the tailgate. They would have rusted if not fixed and I'm not in a position to have the tailgate painted. He sent me over to the dealership to get a little bottle of touch-up paint and he did the touch up for free. Unless you know exactly where the scratches are you cant see them - just amazing work!. You don't find service like this anymore!

Marcus Z. Yelp Review

I came in to have Anthony take a look at my windshield for some scratches I needed to repair. Anthony tried a few different options to remove them (no cost) and then after they weren't working gave me the name of someone they trusted. I really appreciate their honesty and helpfulness. I will definitely be back when it comes time to get my first dent repaired.

Adam A. Yelp Review

I bought my car in to be detailed. They did an outstanding job, both interior and exterior. It looks like a brand new car again. Thanks!

Roger H. Yelp Review

I went to this place for estimates on repairing some scratches on my car from a parking lot accident. They were very friendly on the phone and told me to stop by on my way home for work. They came right out to look at my car. Anthony was great. He was honest about the minimal damage and polished the scratches out with some special compound polish. You cant even see them. He didn't even charge me for his time. I really appreciate their honesty and treatment. They didn't take advantage of me. I will definitely use them again when the need arises.

Alex B. Yelp Review

Fantastic service. Fantastic work. Fantastic prices. Todd is a great guy. My father has worked with him in the past. We call them for our family business. I had someone tap my car at a parking garage and they fixed it for an extremely reasonable price.

Christian L. Yelp Review

Absolutely the best service. Rest assured you are going to be taken care of and the results will be great!

Krista R. Yelp Review

Todd Huffman runs a top notch shop! Outstanding customer service and a willingness to repair minor damage right on the spot. Highly recommend his team for your auto body needs!

Lance Caldwell Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Michael Anderson Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Charlie Gray Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Derek Reiter Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Jeremy Stanton Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Tina Roth Facebook Review

5 Stars!

Chelsey Williams Facebook Review

These people are awesome! Went in ready to cry with paint transfer on my truck after running into my garage. The guy had me in and out within 10mins damage gone!!! Excellent Service

Lyfe W Dior Facebook Review

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